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G Marina Kemer,ANTALYA has been in operation for 24 years, and is licensed by the Ministry of Tourism. We offer excellent all year round berthing for 230 boats afloat and 140 on the hard. Antalya International Airport is just an hour's scenic ride away.

The marina meets international safety standards, including all kinds of repair facilities and a travel lift with a 60 tonne capacity. Because of the high quality of the facilities G Marina Kemer has been awarded "Five Golden Anchors" By The Yacht Harbour Association of England.

G Marina Kemer is a Port of Entry providing all I official offices within the marina. There is also a Coast Guard post with one of Turkey's most modern Coast Guard vessels available to provide additional emergency services to the yachts if needed. The marina offers ideal conditions for live boards with a full range of social, sporting and cultural activities during the winter months. Weekly classical music and ballet performances in Antalya are very popular.

There is a club house and bar, a library with books in several languages, and a restaurant available for the use of the liveaboard community. Combined with the best climate of Turkey with the protection of the high Taurus mountains, G Marina Kemer is one of the very best live a board marinas in the entire Mediterranean.

Here too is one of the best locations for boat owners to discover the history of Turkey. You will walk in the ancient area of Lycia, visiting Phaselis and Xanthos, famous for the bravery of its people who fought to the last person against the Persians. On a mountain top is Thermessos, the city that Alexander the Great could not conquer, and not far away is the sunken city of Simena. The Pamfilia region is also very close, offering visits to the Aspendos amphitheatre, Perge, and the ancient port of Side. Only a short car ride away lies Cappadocia, where the first Cliristian settlers hid themselves in huge underground cities, some of which are open to visitors. The marina is also an excellent gateway to visit the Eastern Mediterranean countries.

The town of Kemer is a small beautiful holiday resort nestling below dramatic mountains where the different greens of pine forests and orange groves clothe the lower slopes in colorful contrast with the savage rock above, clad with winter snow on the highest peaks. Kemer was an isolated fishing village at the beginning of the 1980s but has now become one of the most important tourism centers in the Gulf of Antalya. Kemer and its immediate vicinity have a winter population of 55 000 which increases to 160,000 in summer.

It is a very friendly town with a weekly vegetable market, and frequent buses to Antalya and to the surrounding area like Kumluca , Kas etc. Kemer offers two private modern hospitals which are affiliated with new hospitals in Antalya, where there is also a fully equipped University Hospital.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful part of the world.