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When comparing Turkey with many European countries, you can see that the purchase of the property and property sale procedure is very simple. Real estate is transferred only by the relevant Regional Office of the Real Estate Register.

Purchase expenses;

1. Purchase / Sale Tax

Paid in the form of state tax in the amount of 4% of the declared value of real estate.

2. Payment for translator

The cost varies depending on the inflation rate but usually 100 € for per title deed transaction. (An interpreter is required during the transfer procedure to Tapu in order to confirm the buyer's consent).

3. Commission fee of a Realtor Agency:

In accordance with the regulation on real estate agencies in Turkey , registered and licensed real estate agencies receive 2 % + VAT commission from both parties ( Buyer & Seller ) according to the actual transaction  value of the property .

Additional expenses:

Below costs after transfer of the title deed ( Tapu ) shall be paid by the Buyer:

Renewal of the Electricity Contract: Approximately 50 ~ 200.- €

Renewal of the Water Supply Contract: Approximately 100 ~ 150 - €

Subscription on TV-Digiturk: ​​Approximately  20-35- €

Telephone Line: Approximately 10-20 € (Residence permit required to receive the line)

Municipal Tax: Paid annually in the amount of 0.1% of the property value set in the same year


Agreement & Contract 

When you make a decision to purchase one of the real estate from our portfolio, we will assist you in the following procedures: To carry out the procedures without any problems, check the real estate in the legal aspect.

Registration of an agreement valid from the point of view of protecting the rights of the Buyer in accordance with the Laws on the Turkish Law on Real Estate. Drafting a standard deposit agreement providing guarantees for both parties. At the request of the Buyer, the appointment of a lawyer with references from the associated embassy. Fulfillment of all applications and control until the stage of receiving Tapu (receipt of an authorization document from the Military Department and control and confirmation of the Cadastral Office). Obtaining a residence permit from the Directorate of Migration Service (on the basis of the reciprocity of reciprocity, citizens of some countries require a residence permit for at least 6 months).

Deposit Payment

Prior to the start of the procedures, the Real Estate Register Office will require a payment to the Seller of a deposit of 20% of the sale value (as indicated in the contract). Payment of the remaining amount will be made after completion of all legal procedures when the parties are convened to complete the final procedure.


If the Buyer is a foreign citizen, a permit must be obtained from the Aegean Military Command. This procedure is required to determine the location of real estate outside the military or strategic zones and verify the identity of the Buyer. According to the new law, if the land parcel already has a precedent for the acquisition of real estate by a foreign citizen, the sale procedure is carried out without obtaining a permit from the Aegean Military Command.

Transfer of the title deed ( Tapu )

After all the necessary permissions have been obtained, you can register for title deed ( Tapu ) in your name to issue a power of attorney , in the name of the authorized person of Mira32 Real Estate agency or appoint a lawyer or come to the procedure in person.

At this stage, it is necessary to pay the costs described in paragraphs 1-3 of the “Purchase / Sale Procedure”.

The legal provision defining the rules for the acquisition of real estate in Turkey by foreign citizens was updated on December 12, 2005 with the 35th article of the Law of the Real Estate Register and Cadastre, which establishes a new regulation on the acquisition of real estate by foreign individuals and legal entities

In ensuring legal provisions, foreign individuals are entitled to acquire real estate for the purpose of living or working in areas designated for this in the long term. An individual who is a citizen of a foreign state has the right to acquire real estate in Turkey with a total area of ​​up to 30,000 sq.m

As for legal entities, firms with foreign capital that have received permission to conduct activities in accordance with Law No. 6224 “On Encouraging Foreign Capital” and Law No. 4875 “On Foreign Direct Investment” have the right to acquire real estate and other rights in relation to the Real Estate Register, which is identical in order and basis applicable to Turkish firms established in accordance with the Commercial Code of Turkey and registered with the Administrations of the Trade Register providing a document on the full in the eyes of the company’s authorized person for the acquisition of real estate, after the evaluation of which all procedures related to this are completed at the Directorate of the Real Estate Register.

Property taxes in January and May each year, including at one time or in two installments, payable by going to Kemer Municipality , taken receipts must be kept for one year.