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It can be thought that it is very difficult, complicated and troublesome to make real estate investments and to own a house in a remote, foreign and overseas country.

As Mira 32 Real Estate Consultancy Company, we guide you in our sector, where we are passionately connected, to our distinguished customers, from the moment of contact, to the transfer of your TITLE DEED and the final stage of our after-sales services, and complete all your transactions with care.

Located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey Antalya, Kemer, Side, Belek, Alanya our dedicated team who will advise at every stage, satisfaction-oriented will offer you  innovative, productive and proactive approach will provide superior range of services.


Stage 1: Customer Request

Our experienced team of consultants will listen to you carefully and will recommend you the properties which you desire for renting or buying that will meet with your criteria.

Stage 2: Inspection Trip

At this stage, we will guide the properties that we think are suitable for you, which we promote with visual presentations in our office.

Stage 3: Purchases

All necessary transactions such as commercial real estate, creation of real estate contracts, legal transactions, opening bank accounts, tax number, initiation and finalization of title deed transactions, preparation of expert reports, are carried out by us.

For more information, please see the Procedures section.

Stage 4: Finance

House Mortgage for All Foreign Citizens

Denizbank, provides house mortgage loans with favorable repayment terms and interest rates indexed to the euro or USD foreign currency.

* Mortgages granted in foreign currency can be repaid in the long run up to 10 years.

* It can be repaid in equal installments with a fixed interest rate.

* Applications can be completed within a few business days.

* The repayment dates can be determined by the borrower, by providing the payment date. Within 45 days of time after the loan.

* For 2020

The interest rate set for the EURO  is 1% of the current monthly interest.

10-year interest rate 13.20%

 The interest rate set for the USD is 1% per month,

15-year interest rate 13.8%

Documents required for DenizBank Mortgage Application:

* Credit application form. (provided by the bank, customer signature required.)

* Original or photocopy of the applicant's or proxy’s national identity document or passport.

* Residence permit certificate if not / or tax number. Official documents which shows home country address (invoice or any bills etc)

* İncome Statements  translated from origin to Turkish by sworn translator.

* Copy of the title deed which will be purchased and  approval of all the documents translated to  Turkish.

* DenizBank Mortgage Loan is limited to 50% of the value of the property according to the expert assessed by indexing to foreign currency; If a credit history is available from the bank in your country, (eg maximum account) than  It is limited to 60%, the general maximum limit is not applied.

* For the locals, its  required a barcoded statement which is only available through e-government system.

* Stage 5: Completion of Purchase (Title Deed)

For the completion of the purchase of your new property, if you are not in Turkey, you may appoint a lawyer or give a power of attorney to  Mira 32 Real Estate Consulting Co Ltd.


* Renovation and Decoration etc.

* We support the renovation and decoration of our valued customers properties, according to their tastes and habits by professional interior designers.

* Supply of goods / furniture

* Optionally, we fully equip your home with the items you like from our catalogs and we decorate your houses for you.

* Property Management Services

Organizing the routine maintenance of the property, paying the relevant invoices-consumption bills (water & electricity), maintenance contracts, service fees, etc. Visiting the property at least three times a year and preparing a detailed report on the condition of the building upon request.

*  Insurance transactions

Dask (Compulsory Earthquake Insurance) can be made by our company in order to enable land transfers of residential or commercial properties. You can secure your investments with our general insurance requests depending on your request through our insurance company.

* Rental Services

Mira 32 Real Estate Consulting Ltd. carries out short and long term rental service for your property  in the international and national market.

Our other services;

• Internet and private network marketing and real estate sales

• Preparation of a renting (contract) agreement between the landlord and tenant

• Preparing an inventory list for property

• Preparing the property for renting

• Cleaning services before and after departure

• Execution of damage and payment issues and consultancy at the end of the renting agreements.

• Airport - Kemer to / from transfer.

• House insurance.

• Compulsory earthquake insurance (DASK).

• If desired, health insurance during the stay.

• If you need a residence permit, we can help you with this too.